Transverter de Jini


With respect to work of Hector D Perez Torres

001 - 11.11.2005 We have found an old transformer, which could be probably used for transverter project. We were told, this transformer worked in an russian server for handling keypunch cards.

Some photos of the transformer:


002 - 18.11.2005 We taked the coil W13 (660 windings x 0.74mm) as transformer primary and the coil W45 (390 windings x 1.16mm) as transfomer secondary with parallel cap 69.8uF according to circuit 002-1. We measured output voltage, output current, input current while increasing the input voltage from 0 to 260 Volt. We tried to find out the optimal value of input voltage for finding out the resonance on the secondary transformer winding.

Following electrical circuit has been used:


003 - 21.11.2005 We taked the coil W12 (382 windings x 0.74mm), which is part of the primary winding W13, and measured input current to analyse the core saturation values.

004 - 24.11.2005 We used the Circuit 002-1 and picked up the voltage and current scopes with defferent C1 values. Pictures showing qualitative behavior of the output voltage and current with the specified capacitor C1.

to be continued...

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